When this incident happened, I was about 16 years old, have not had sex with my father yet, but I was not a virgin.


My father and I were alone in our house, when the rest of the family were away for a couple of days; my father had some plans of spending some time with one of his very close friends, at the house, having drinks and playing chess or cards.


I gave dad and his friend some services of presenting their drinks and so on; I was informed that dad’s friend will spend the night at our house, in my brother’s room.


As they were watching TV, while playing their game, I was in my room, watching TV and browsing the internet making some chats with friends and so on.


They were going back and forth to the bathroom as they drank lots of beer and alcohol, when I leave my door cracked, I notice them; they are of almost same age, forties.


My bedroom door is located at the corridor which has the bathroom at the end of it, I noticed my dad’s friend walks slowly, noiseless, when he goes to use the bathroom, his eyes peeking inside my bedroom, it did not bother me, I know him very well, he is a little naughty too.


A little after midnight, I was in my room, no longer hearing their noises as they were getting partially drunk.


I got up, checked on them, my dad was a sleep in his room with his door closed, his friend was asleep too, or looked like he was, the room door was fully open, I came back to my room, put on a porno movie on CD and started watching it.


I took off my nighties, I was fully topless, but I had my panties on, getting turned on and horny, watching the porno movie alone, so I had my hand on my tits, while the other hand was under my panties, I took off my panties, became fully naked.


I was very horny, my hand was rubbing my tits, pinching my own hard erected nipples, while my other hand was on my pussy, a finger sinking deep in my pussy while the index finger rubbing my hard clit in circles.


My eyes were closed , my back arching upward, making some noises as I was masturbating,  I felt I heard some noise, I opened my eyes on the surprise of my dad’s friend standing next to my bed watching me  , his hand was on his, already hard, cock over the pants.


I almost fainted of shock, froze, as I was,  about to scream when he put his hand on my mouth asking me to hush, and keep quiet, I was very embarrassed, but he was looking me in the eyes smiling.


“How did you get here uncle”, I asked him when he eased his hand from my mouth, as I covered my pussy with one hand, the other hand on my tits.


He said, “I wanted to use the bathroom, when I saw your door cracked, with lights on, I came closer, saw you in this state, I could not resist so I just walked in”


He continued, “You have grown up so fast Dina, you are so gorgeous, looking like an angle, he put his hand on my tit rubbed it, and pinched my nipple, but I pushed his hand a way.


He said “please let me just feel your precious body Dina, I won’t hurt you”, I said, “but my dad is out there, please leave before I scream and call him.


He smiled saying “you wouldn’t do it baby, what would an old man, like me, do to someone so precious and gorgeous like you, except enjoy the sight and feels of it?”


I begged him to leave me alone, when I felt his hand was going over my tits rubbing and pinching, he put his other hand on my mouth again, begging me to keep quiet,


He was using some force to pin me down not to be able to struggle, but he was nice and friendly at the same time.


He placed his hand on my pussy this time, pushed my hand away started rubbing my pussy, as I was trying to move his hand a way but I could not.


As I felt both of his hands on my body, pussy and tits, I was about to scream when he put his hand on my mouth again, asking me to hush up and be quiet again.


But as he did this, his palm was cubing my bare, hairless pussy, while his index finger on my clit, rubbing it in circles, I was feeling more turned on, even loosening up, somehow accepting the situation.


Well, I can’t be blamed, I was watching a sex movie, and fully nude, masturbating, then discovered this older, pussy hungry man, rubbing my pussy and tits.


I could clearly see his, hard on, under his pants, all of this made me ease up and accept situation, not thinking of what would happen if my father wakes up.


I closed my eyes, started moaning, arching my back up, closer to his hand on my pussy, he slowly moved his other hand away from my mouth as he felt me softening and stopping retaliations.


He leaned over, kissed me on the lip mumbling how much of a beautiful angle I looked, he was kissing me smoothly and softly on my lips while his hand was still doing its lovely job on my pussy, but much  slower this time.


His kissing process was going downwards, ears, back of ears, neck, then to my tits, as he was rubbing my tits, sucking them, and sucking on my nipples one by one, I was moaning louder and louder, enjoying every move he was making.


He seemed to like my reaction so far, taking it as a full approval of his act, which actually was in a way.


I cannot deny the pleasure I was getting, being spoiled by this older man, treated softly, nicely, and my body being adored, respected the way I like it to be.


I decided why not let him spoil me, please me, and enjoy me, it would have been foolish to stop him at that point.


His way down wards was going so slow, as he was at my belly rubbing, kissing and manipulating my body, adoring it, my belly button got so much attention from him.


After every move of his tongue and fingers on my body, he would lift his head up, look at my body, while I was lying down fully naked in front of him, between his hands within his own reach, as if he could not believe he had a full control of my body.


Finally he was between my legs, he spread them wider, took a full look at my pussy, then looking me in the eyes telling me how beautiful I was, how precious my body was, and how lovely my pussy looked.


I felt him cubing my pussy with his palm shaking it slowly, then moving his palm passing his fingers over my pussy lips which were getting so swelled already and wet.


He was moisturizing his finger with my pussy dampness, and then passing it over my pussy lips to my pussy hole, so slow, and passionately.


He lowered his head, sticking his tongue out, as I felt his tongue tip touched my pussy lips, I shivered all over.


I felt, as if, an electric current passed through my whole body, starting at my pussy lips distributing radially to my whole body, to my nipples which got harder than they already were.


He was softly passing his tongue tip over my pussy lips, up and down, from my hard clit to my pussy hole, and then his fingers parted my pussy lips helping his tongue sinking deeper in me.


My whole body tensed up, I felt as if a huge orgasm was building up in my pussy.


His movements over my pussy, in and out of it, touching and sucking on my clit, all was making my orgasm speed up, I was breathing harder, moaning louder and louder.


Finally I was on the verge of Cumming, when he was helping me by speeding up the process of licking me and sucking my clit, till I finally was shivering, shaking, and having an orgasm.


My pussy juices flew out, wetting my pussy lips and then his mouth lips and tongue, he was slurping it in his mouth, sucking it, drip by drip making me faint of joy and pleasure.


Being like a little bird shaking between the arms of a strong, big old man, a feeling that can only be described as being in true heaven.


As of a sudden my whole body relaxed, my muscles relaxed and softened as well, I opened my eyes, looked at him, with his huge smile of satisfaction on my face, he smiled back with a “happy baby?” remark.


My answer came with a very soft feminine voice “yes, very happy uncle, thank you”, he smiled looking me all over saying, “thank me?, no baby, thanks to you, thanks god for giving me this opportunity of being in heaven, having control over such a young, angle of beauty like you, it is like a dream come true for me”


I extended both of my hands to him seeking his help for me to get up, he held both of my hands, and I got up, sat next to him with a big smile.


I said, “Uncle, it is time for this, what you call an angle, to return the favor, and take care of her uncle, so just lie down and relax and let me show you, no matter how young, I may look to you, but my expertise of pleasing you to the best point”.


He laid down on his back, I kissed him on the lips for a while, while we had our tongues searching each other mouth, same time I was unbuttoning his top, he had a set of pajamas on, then I lowered his pants, taking them out, I looked at his body, teasing his already hard cock under his boxers, I was rubbing his dick over the boxers.


Then I lowered his boxers, revealing his cock, which was slightly thin, but long enough of about 7 inches or more, some pubic hair, but soft and clean.


I held his cock in my hand massaging it slowly up and down, stuck my tongue out, passed my tongue tip over its shiny reddish head, and then passed my tongue over its length, up and down.


I opened my mouth, let his cock in between my lips, wrapping my lips around it like a little ring, lowering my head to take it deeper, when he shivered and almost jumped.


I looked him in the eyes, saying, “What?” he answered, “Nothing, I just could not believe I could ever dream of such young, golden lips wrapped around my cock”


I laughed, saying nothing, but started lowering my head to his cock, taking it deeper inch by inch, till I felt its head touched inner parts of my throat.


I paused for a second, straightened my head, for it to go in my throat, then pushed further till I felt it sinking slowly and easily in my throat, I did not stop till I felt his balls and pubic area were touching my lips.


I looked him in the eyes, feeling lots of satisfaction on his face, with high moans of pleasure, then reversed the process, by sliding his cock out of my mouth inch by inch, till I was at the cock head again.


I licked his cock head again, gave it a few soft kisses and sucks, I felt it filled with pre cum, which tasted a little salty but good as I licked it all off of his cock head.


I sucked his cock for a few more laps, making sure I do not get him close to cum, as I know at this age I could barely get one cum, I did not want it in my mouth, I have to feel this cock inside of me.


I pulled it out of my mouth slowly, looked him In the eyes, then I pulled myself upwards, saddling his body with my pussy over his cock.


I started lowering my body over his; he held his dick with his hand, guiding it to my pussy, when my pussy lips touched his cock head.


He asked me to stop, he rubbed his dickhead to my pussy lips, parting them and pushing it up and down, teasing me, boiling me up, making me more than ready for it.


I could no longer wait, I was so horny, with fire building in my pussy and all over my body, and I lowered my body down on his cock, feeling his cock head easily pumping into my cunt hole.


Oh God, it felt so good, almost making a virtual noise of pumping in, I paused for a second, then started sliding it down in my pussy, till I finally sat over it, being so deep in me to the last inch.


We paused for a moment, when he said, “I was afraid you were virgin, hating to stop at this point of top pleasure to both of us, but did not want to take your virginity”


I gave him a naughty smile saying, “and now what do you think?” he said, “I don’t seem to be the first man to fuck you”, I shook my head with a no, smiling.


It was of a very comfortable size cock, for me to easily take and adopt for, so no waiting was required, I started pulling up again, then down, dancing on his cock taking it deep in my pussy then out again.


I felt his hands holding my tits, which were bouncing up and down, he started rubbing them, taking the nipples in his mouth when he gets the chance as I lower myself down.


I was taking my time fucking this older, pussy hungry man, enjoying it, pleasing him to the best I could, for the best oral sex I got from him earlier.


He stopped me, saying, “Sweet beauty queen, can I fuck you the way I like it?” I answered instantly, “You sure can uncle”


I lifted myself up, pulled his cock out of my pussy all the way, got off, while he got up, helped me lie down on bed.


He grabbed a pillow, placed it under my lower back side, lifting my ass and pussy up to perfectly facing him position.


He lowered his head first, licked my pussy, then went to my asshole, licking and kissing till he got it so wet, then he inserted a finger in my ass while getting up again, positioned himself between my legs, lifted them up.


He was holding his cock in his hand, guiding it to my body, till I felt his cock head touching and rubbing my asshole, this time instead of my pussy, he looked me in the eyes, smiled asking, “ can I fuck you in the ass baby, could you take it in your ass?”


I smiled back, saying, “Yes I can take it in my ass, and I would love you to fuck my ass uncle”, he seems to love my answer.


He kept trying to push his cock in my ass hole slowly and easily in a considerate way, he was trying in and out, till we both felt his cock head pupping into my ass.


He paused for a second; I nodded for him to continue, as I felt no pain any more, just a little as he was pushing the head in, but no longer, he was pushing it in and out, inch by inch till I finally felt his cock deep in my ass. He rested a little.


He pulled his cock out of my ass all the way except for the head, and then pumped it at once in me this time, a moan of pleasure came out of my mouth.


He got a full control of my body now, my legs wide spread folded, my knees to my chest, his arms around my legs holding, fondling and rubbing my tits, while his cock was sliding in and out of my ass.


Once in a while he would pull one hand away from my tit, rubbing my pussy in circles on my clit, then a finger in my pussy, while the ass fuck process is going in same rhythm.


All of that action was building fire as hell in my body, and his’, same time, we were both moaning louder and louder.


I have already had an orgasm in this position, the second orgasm was building up in my pussy, while he was close enough to cum too.


He was screaming louder and louder, telling me he is ready to shoot his load of cum, asking where I want it, I told him, I want it in my ass, where his cock is fucking me now.


I started feeling his cock head swelling bigger, getting warmer then I felt his load pumping inside of me, letting his thick cock cream out into my ass hole, making it slippery and so wet, even making special noises as he continued fucking me in and out.


Finally he stopped moving, relaxed a little, till I felt his cock shrinking slowly inside of me, then he pulled it out, let my legs fall back down.


He rested his body next to mine, with his hand over me, relaxing, till he was falling asleep, I let him relax for a while then I woke him up, asking him to get dressed and get back as the night is almost over, and dad is about to wake up.