Five married daughters level rape charges on their father in Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Dharmchand Saini [ Updated 18 Jul 2013, 10:55:01 ]

Bharatpur, Rajasthan, Jul 18: Five daughters, all married, have levelled sexual exploitation and rape charges against their father in Bayana, Bharatpur. The man has been arrested.

The daughters have alleged that they were raped several times by their father prior to their marriages.  According to the FIR, the daughters alleged that the rapes took place as soon as they entered Class 8, and these acts continued till their marriages. 

The daughters have also alleged that their mother was co-conspirator in such acts and their father used to show them porn films. 

The daughters have said in the FIR that they used to tolerate these acts out of fear of infamy, but recently, when one of the married daughters came with her female offspring, her father began to molest the granddaughter. 

Meanwhile, the husband of one of the daughters came to know about it, and he contacted the other four husbands, before going to the police. 

Police have received a 11-page complaint from the daughters, said Anshuman Bhaumaiya, SP, Bharatpur. 

Police have arrested both the parents. 

Babulal Dhakar’s wife Shakuntala Dhakar was also arrested for supporting him in one of the most cruel acts of perversion,” said Ashok Chouhan, SHO of Bayana Police Station. 

A local court has sent the couple to judicial custody till July 31, SHO said.

Dhakar, 64, was arrested after two of his daughters, along with their husbands, lodged an FIR, the SHO said, adding “the daughters were stunned to see that their father has molested the granddaughter a few days ago”. 

The accused, Dhakar, is a retired supervisor from the Krishi Upaj Mandi, he said.

 “The mother used to pass off the matter as part of an age old tradition of Dhakar family,” the SHO said quoting the FIR.