Most Sensitive Parts of a Woman’s Body

If heaven and hell collide together, if light and darkness meet each other, if love and lust become communion with each other, if you counterfeit your own self, what would be the result of it. Those results are highly unimaginable. Such will be the results of sexual intercourse with a person whom you love.

Men make few mistakes in this miracle of having Sex, sometimes they regret, sometimes they moan and groan. Yes ! Men lack lack the core part of having sex. The Foreplay. Foreplay is the art playing with your partner in both mind and body.  For a good foreplay, you should be knowing the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body.

To arouse Women to the heaven, you should well handling the art of foreplay and so it is necessary that you should be understanding each others body very well before performing the magic. Contemplation and comprehension will be the best part of it, so talk as much as possible before the intercourse. Tell all your needs and in the same way listen to what your partner wishes. So what are most sensitive parts of women ?

Most Sensitive Parts of a Female Body :

  • Hand
  • Ear
  • Neck
  • Breast (Boobs)
  • Thigh
  • Ridge (Spine)
  • Feet

Hands :
Hands are not only made for stimulating other parts, but it also can stimulate other hands. A girl’s hands are also one of the sensitive parts of women. Fingers have the ability to stimulate sexually and the lady love will surely be pleased.  Start holding your partners hand and enjoy the ride.

Ears :

Women get sexually stimulated when she is been kissed on her ears from behind. Just a soft kiss will do and she will be surely stimulated and I bet this will happen. She will even get more romantic than ever before .

Neck :
Just do not think that only the genitals and the secondary sexual characteristics can switch on a woman. There are other parts where women will get aroused. Explore them and find the treasure trove.  Switch on the neck that is believed to make women quickly aroused.

Breast (Boobs)
The most and finest sensitive part of a woman. One single touch of it can make wonders happen and this part plays the main role in foreplay. Men easily get aroused by just one look of it. Not only men but women too get aroused with one touch and squeeze. But the main thing to remember is that Handle it with care and do not hurt her in petting.  Gentle touch ! Main Point to remember.

The next most sensitive part of women’s body is the thigh . Go around in circular motion, this means that you are inviting for the intercourse.  This is the Yes and No part of the foreplay. The key to heaven’s door.

Ridge (Spine)

Once you are done, do not get tired. Add fuel to fire. Take hold of the ridge and give that extra mood to your partner.  Look at the expressing your partner gives while you do so. Her expressions will take you to heaven.

There is also a false belief that women are not aroused by their feet. It is evident that woman get aroused  by their feet.  Smooch your partner’s feet and touch it very gently.

Now you are done with the foreplay. Do not waste any more time.