You can prevent and reverse the signs of aging in a natural way and there are many examples of such “tour de force”. The 10 tips for a flawless skin have been compiled from the knowledge of a vast number of beauty experts, dermatologists and beauticians from all over the world. To be sure that your facial makeover will be a real success and your skin will be smooth, soft and radiant, you need to be active both within and without. Tips 1-4 are the without part of your holistic skin care ritual. Tips 5-10 constitute the within part. Altogether, these 10 secrets are the pillars of real and lasting Beauty.

Acting from Without

Gently cleanse
Cleansing your skin is a must. It is the foundation of any skincare since dirt, pollutants and oil clog pores (which means choking your skin) and lead to breakouts and inflammation. Stay away from harsh soaps and chemical solutions which will harm your skin, throw its pH off balance and induce inflammation, leading to premature degeneration and aging. Please remember that keeping makeup on at night is one the worst thing you can do to your skin: so de-makeup before going to bed!
Gently exfoliate and de-pollute
Your skin is a living organ, not just a wrap around your body, therefore, it breathes! Would you breathe well with a towel or a bag over your face? Probably not. Same principle applies to your skin! The more you clean off dead cells, dirt, oil and pollutants, the better it breathes, the healthier it is, the more beautiful it is. This is why exfoliation is the next most important step of your facial makeover: it deeply purifies and un-pollute your skin while gently stimulating its natural renewal, suppleness, tone and vitality.

Fortify with purifying masks
Purifying masks draw out toxins, pollutants and impurities from deep inside and they help to rebalance and soothe your skin. If scientists have found DDT and other crazy pollutants in polar bears’ fat, who live pretty far from civilization, don’t you think your skin is exposed to those and other types of pollutants? You bet it is! That’s why detoxifying regularly and providing your skin with all the minerals and vitamins it needs is the best way to protect your skin and fortify it. Plus even if it only takes 5 min once or twice a week, doing a mask is taking some time off for yourself, away from the stress and worries of your life. You need this time off!
Nurture with anti-aging and protecting moisturizers
Your skin is craving for moisture, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants: nourish it well and carefully with rich and pure elements, not with chemicals, to strengthen, rejuvenate, protect and vitalize it. Keep in mind that depending upon the season and climate, your skin’s needs may vary a lot. Moisturize morning and evening after having gently cleansed your skin. Love your skin and it will love you back.

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Acting from Within
Next six secrets of your facial makeover are equally important if you want to reveal your most vibrant inner beauty. Your skin is one of your biggest organs, so gently care for it and it will reward you in the most pleasant way! Nurturing your skin from within is equally important to protecting it from without, so don’t overlook these simple and easy steps, they are crucial and fundamental to your beauty and health.

Eat well and fresh, drink plenty (of water and green tea).
Everyday, your body is losing some cells and rebuilding new ones. You build your body with what you eat and drink. Thus, if you eat junk food, you build your body with junk. Not a good idea … By choosing fresh natural and organic foods, you give your body the best elements to build itself. By drinking pure water, you ensure that the fluids in your body are pure and vibrant. Make sure that you get enough The Thrive Diet vitamins, nutrients and minerals since they are absolutely necessary for all biological processes. Have a look at our review article for B. Brazier Ironman athlete’s Thrive Diet.
As far as drinking, Green Tea has lots of extraordinary virtues; among them being a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory drink as well as protecting against stroke, cancer and gum diseases. It’s also your best friend if you want to lose weight (for details see our our blog post). By any means, avoid hidden sugars and sweeteners like aspartame and don’t overindulge with alcohol.

Exercise/work out
When you exercise, you increase your cellular metabolism and respiration and also boost your blood and lymph circulation, which are fundamental to enhance oxygen and nutrients availability and waste disposal from your tissues and organs. This in turn does more for your skin than a day in a spa! Choose whatever you feel drawn to, trust your instinct and keep to your weekly routine.
It’s well known that it’s during sleep that your mind and body regenerate the most. By cutting down on sleep, you deprive yourself of the best chance to stay young and healthy. Dr Michael Vitiello, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at University of Washington says: “It is important for Americans to recognize that good sleep is not negotiable, rather it is a pillar of good health and function, as times get tougher, it actually becomes more important than ever to do what one can to maintain good sleep quality, as poor sleep has such an immediate impact on daily function and longer-term impact on physical health.” Since Health and Beauty are so tightly linked, good sleep also has a very crucial and deeply beneficial action on the beauty your skin.
I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do regular detox. Simply because your body accumulates in your tissues (including your skin!) a lot of waste due to lifestyle and exposure to thousands of chemicals everyday; some of them end up inside your body and accumulate over time. This toxic accumulation is a burden on each of your cells and may lead to skin premature aging and weight gain. By taking natural Green Clay cure, you give your cells a chance to get rid of their toxic waste. To learn more, read our article about Spring Detox.
Relax and meditate
Your brain and body need periodic resets. By being hyperactive and under stress all day long, you don’t give your body and brain a chance to do this reseting. Stress is actually the most destructive and aging contributing factor. Whether it’s your family life which is stressful, your love life, your career or all 3 altogether, you need to unwind from time to time. At first, it might not sound easy or even doable; but “where there is a will, there is a way” and it actually is and the benefits you will reap from doing this will pay off largely for the effort you put in it. Meditation is the brain’s way of breathing deeply and relaxing. A growing number of very well-known neuroscientists are now studying the beneficial effects of meditation on the brain and body and trying to find ways to help people more with meditation. Even 5 min. meditation a few times a week will give visible results so don’t deprive yourself from a chance to regenerate within and without. It costs no money and it’s powerful.
There are scientific studies showing that when you smile without being actually happy, it induces the release of happiness hormones (endorphins), making you feel happy! So even when you’re deep into stress and hassle, if you make an effort to smile at the end of the day, it will in turn make you feel much better and prepare you for a good night sleep! Try it…

Since Beauty will save the world, as F. Dostoievsky wrote, so you can help saving it!

Enjoy holistic beauty and be happy!

Take good care of yourself,