Why do some woman wear no ‘panties’?

This is a serious question as ludicrous as it may come across. 

I’m genuinely curious, why do some women choose not to wear panties? I am a woman myself and I always wear them but I am wondering what… benefit.. it is to go without?

p.s. this question came about because I was watching a Boston Legal episode where Sara Holt says she is not wearing any and it made me think!

Hi there,

I chop and change with the whole panties things. If I’m wearing jeans or tight trousers, I won’t wear panties. I find they chafe my groin area and give my folliclitis (ingrowing hair) which is unsightly. Also, in summer on a hot day, I quite often go without panties if I’m skirted. It feels fresher and there is something to be marvelled at the feeling of air on ones thru’penny bit! 

There is of course the thrill one gets when whispering to ones lover in a crowded restuarant that you seem to have accidentally lefts your panties at home … The look they give you … Well swoooooon …

yeah it may be great until they get their periods…

Why do some men wear “NO BRIEFS”????GOT IT ???

Maby they like the breeze.LOL

open plumbing is risky

SPEED!!! lol ihave no idea i’m a guy and find it a big turn on w/really attractive girls. maybe they no this and do it to turn us on?

Ask Britney that. Haha. But really, maybe it’s to prevent the horrible mistake of VPL (visible panty line).

Most women do it so they don’t have any panty lines showing through their dress or outfit.

I’m sure others do it to feel sexy, etc.

because its comfortable & sexy.

to get some air down there i guess

It’s comfy and makes you feel like a bad girl.

It simply feels good. If your pan’t aren’t tight.

Various reasons I suppose:
Makes them feel naughty cus they think they’re breaking rules and they won’t get caught
They genuinely find it comfy
They don’t want a panty line
=] I wouldn’t go without lol..

When I was younger, I discovered that many women who wear full length furs don’t wear anything at all underneath. I asked my mother why this was. (She had worked in a posh retail clothing establishment in her 20’s.) She told me it was very common. She told me the fur was very soft and it felt good against their skin.

I imagine it’s something similar with women who wear no panties. They must like the texture of the fabric of their other clothing against their skin.

Less laundry to do later.

well, to some people think its more comfortable.
some women just dont like the feel of underwear. =]

i would say comfort. its much more comfortable

Because I wear nylons that go to my waist. To have panties under the nylons….I am uncomfortable.
Must tell you though, I was at work, and went to
before the ladies room, before leaving for home, and when I came out….( I worked at a military base), a young man was
following me…calling Miss, Miss….I turned around and he
said, you stuffed your Mimi skirt into the top of your nylons…..( the nylons were clear)……I did not think you
would like to go out like that…..Wow…..I had a friend that
picked me up at work….it was across the street….with all
the wind that blew…etc……it naturally would lift my skirt, as
I always tried to keep it down……that would have been so
embarrassing!! After that I wore panties….altho, I do not
at home…I do not like the edges against by body…
Happy New Year to you and yours!!

Well I don’t wear them because they annoy me, if I attempt to wear them they tend to roll down and then fall off my backside, so I have given up trying to wear them…

well you should go without them sometime and see whats so great about it.

turn men on,
because they just do not like them,
be sexy,

I actually dont know …. 
But maybe because they think its sexy ..
There partners might like it ..
Or just they have noneleft to wear.

I think it’s cause men think that its hot and it’s also mildly suggestive

its actually refreshing.its really comfortable and it gives u a chance to let ur privys breathe, keeping them cooped up is not good, thats how people get all types of infections, its really comfortable an d actually really relaxing, people need to let it breathe down there!

For comfort, to save on washing, one less thing to put on/take off and for the fact that you may feel a little bit naughty.

Cos it makes you feel really naughty!

Number one it makes them feel naughty and number two they used all their spending money on a $500. purse.

Just keeping it real….