Doctors do not know exactly why Jessica Cox was born without arms. Sonograms and other prenatal tests did not reveal this rare congenital defect. However, starting in infancy, her legs were her hands. Like all children, she has gone through various stages of development. She learned to feed themselves, but also write with his feet. Throughout childhood, she participated in various activities including: swimming, gymnastics and dancing. Jessica started practicing teakwando when she was 10, and at 14 she has already received a black belt. Jessica has a driver’s license, without limitation, by foot, it prints out 25 words per minute. Her daily have to challenge (the usual terms of healthy human problems) – insert the lens, wash and comb your hair … But it absolutely does not need pity – it can only envy, it’s a girl has reached the total, which sometimes can not reach the people is absolutely healthy.