The Emotionally Cheating Spouse
Infidelity is devastating in a relationship, but not all infidelity is about the physical act of sex. The emotionally cheating spouse has given up on the marriage in thought, word and deed. Emotional cheating to some people is worse than physical infidelity. Women are quicker to forgive a physical one-night stand than if the man emotionally cares for the other woman. For women, emotions are much stronger than the physical act so it’s even more difficult to save the marriage. Is a marriage salvageable if the emotional infidelity is ongoing?

The non-offending spouse may decide to win the other spouse back. They beg, make promises, arrange for dates and try anything to show they care. This usually doesn’t work because it may be too late. Emotional needs are already being fulfilled somewhere else. The spouse can come off as needy and this is a sure way to drive the spouse into the arms of the other person. One of the best things the non-offending spouse can do is to back off and give the other partner room to think and breathe. Give your spouse the opportunity to realize that the affair may not be all it’s cracked up to be and not the answer to her needs. This is an opportunity for your relationship with each other to grow if you have the courage to step back and give it time.

Partners Cheat From Lack Of Fulfillment
When a marriage or a committed relationship begins, there are flowers, foot rubs and the romance is still in full swing. As time goes on, the partners begin the day-to-day humdrum life. The role of the man and woman is tricky because neither want to become a mother or father figure. They want to be loving wives and husbands keeping the romance alive. Partners cheat when they do not receive the type of emotional and physical requirements they have in their mind. Each man and woman has a mentally preconceived set of “how things will be” when we are married. Each picture in their minds must correspond to what is happening in the marriage or cheating is the result.

If cheating is on the mind of either spouse, it is time to seek professional counseling. Marriage counselors or marital retreats offer couples the opportunity to speak freely and openly about what is missing for them in the marriage. Counselors are an objective third party that are trained to get to the root of the issues. Finding and keeping a marriage happy and affectionate is a skill that some couples do not have. Counseling can help train and educate couples to find the missing aspects of their partnership.