How To Approach A Cheating Wife
Suspicions and accusations are not going to cut it if you believe you are married to a cheating wife. Get all the facts before you confront your wife about her cheating. When it has been determined that she is indeed cheating, then you can determine the best course of action in handling the situation.

The best way to approach a cheating wife is non-confrontational. Ask her if everything is ok. Listen to how she responds. She must have been acting differently and sending you red flags or you wouldn’t have suspected infidelity in the first place. Many wives cheat on their husbands because the husbands do not listen. Open up the lines of communication with her and show her you are willing to listen. Show your vulnerability to her, as this is intimacy to a woman.

Do not threaten or become angry or violent. This may be easier said than done because your ego is bruised. You feel betrayed and rightly so. Trust has been broken, but now is the time to trust her the most to try and put the marriage back together. If you are non-confrontational and do not threaten her, she may be willing to calmly discuss her feelings and tell you why she cheated on you in the first place and how she is willing to fix it.