The benefits of Shea Butter:

•An all over body daily skin moisturizer
•Intensive dry skin relief (i.e. base of your foot/heel, knuckles or scaly hands)
•Relieves dry/itchy scalps that typically come from using rough chemical hair products or excessive dryness.
•General rashes including diaper-rash
•Healing peeling skin from excessive sun exposure or tanning
•Blemishes (ones that remain as your skin heals from acne wounds for example)
•Useful for skin elasticity and therefore appropriate to manage wrinkles
•Skin itches or irritation caused by shaving
•Minor external skin wounds (cuts and scratches)
•For mothers who want to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy
•Soothes minor skin burns
•Soothese eczema
•Reduces scarring of the skin from wounds
•Reducing acne (especially in combination with African Black Soap)
•It absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving an unpleasant greasy rez
•Can be used to enhance your hair in order to improve shine and tone