We don’t have to make fools out of ourselves to impress a man

Our friends don’t pick on us if we aren’t sleeping with anyone

Men don’t know what our ‘girl talk’ is all about (and I’m not gonna tell you)

We’re all sittin on a gold mine – we know it and use it to our extreme advantage

We don’t have to drive when on a date 86. An ugly woman can use makeup and get a new hairdo to become presentable – ugly men are just fucked

Women can use the old “that mark on my neck is from a curling iron burn” line

Women know how fake it

Women look better naked

We know that rhythm doesn’t only pertain to dancing

When women are short, we’re petite, when men are short, they’re just short

Women do less time for violent crime

Women don’t have to worry about not being able to get it up

An oblong vegetable is all we need for a good time any night

Women’s conversations generally consist of more than just “uh huh, yep ok then bye”

Women don’t need an excuse to be in a bad mood

Women never have to see combat

The remote control is not an extension of ourselves

Women are sexier